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HB Robinson brings in 1200 contractors for Fall 2013 outage #nuclear #scnews #econ


HB Robinson brings in 1200 contractors for Fall 2013 outage #nuclear #scnews #econ

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Sept 22, 2013 (nuclear.com) -- 1,200 contractors from BWB Maintenance Services Company are working the refueling/maintenance outage at H.B. Robinson nuclear plant in Hartsville, South Carolina. The plant's owner, Duke Energy, has not publicly announced when the outage is scheduled to end, but the operating and maintenance costs tied to the outage are pegged at $60-million. That's in addition to $30-million in capital costs. Some 10,000 tasks are on the outage schedule, including refueling (Robinson runs 18 months between refuelings), and some post-Fukushima modifications. Front page story in local paper today mentions that, not counting security staff, the plant has approximately 750 full time employees. The article also includes nice discussion of the attention given to outage planning and progress of critical path (and potential critical path) activities.

The contractor, BWB Maintenance Services (BWB), is a subsidiary of Babcock and Wilcox Company. BWB was awarded a five-year contract in December 2011 to service Progress Energy’s fleet of nuclear plants in the Carolinas and Florida. Duke and Progress have merged since then.

Ref: Gavin Jackson (reporter, Florence SC Morning News), "Shutdown breakdown; Powering down Robinson plant has $60M area economic impact", The Morning News, September 22, 2013, p. 1 -- http://links.nuclear.com/E


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